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  1. What is the Venice Area Youth Soccer Association?
  2. The Venice Area Youth Soccer Association (VAYSA or Venice Soccer) is a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The club is run by volunteers dedicated to providing a quality soccer program in the Venice, FL and surrounding areas that will promote the growth and appreciation of the game. The Travel Program provides the opportunity to play soccer to young people between the ages of 8 and 19 in a fun and competitive environment.  The Competitive Development Program (CDP) provides quality training for younger children who want to experience the game and improve their skills.

Q. How do I know what age group my child will play in?

A.   Florida Youth Soccer Assn. [FYSA] determines the age groups based on birthdate. Examples:

                2011 – Boys & Girls born in 2011 [formerly U8 age group]

                2010 – Boys & Girls born in 2010 [formerly U9 age group]

                2009– Boys & Girls born in 2009 [formerly U10 age group]

Q. How do I register to attend the CDP Skill Assessment [CDP-SA]?

A.  Players MUST register for the CDP-SA online at

Q. Do I need to attend both nights of the CDP Skill Assessment [CDP-SA]?

A.  Players should plan on attending both days of CDP Skills Assessment. It shows a commitment to the program and to the team. These are also two days of free training that they can take      advantage. There is no obligation to join if you come to CDP Skills Assessments, so bring your player to see if they would like to see if they would be interested in the next level in soccer.      CHECK FOR CDP-SA DATES AND TIMES.

Q.  What should I bring to the CDP Skills Assessment?

A.   Players should bring cleats, shin guards and water and an open mind to learn.

Q.   Is VAYSA expecting a lot of returning players to CDP and new player from Recreational Soccer to transition to CDP to field multiple U8/U9/U10 teams?

A.   We welcome all players of all skill levels to challenge themselves to become the best player than can be. All players will be placed in their age group either in their appropriate age group.

Q.   Does VAYSA have enough coaches for all the teams

A.   We are always looking for help. Coaches will be required to complete the coach’s application and must be willing to take National Coaching classes. Please email Heather Meza at if you are interested in coaching.

Q.   When will full payment be due? If so, has the cost been determined?

A.   You will have a full pay plan option and several payment plans available to choose from. The player must be registered within 48 hours of team acceptance. We also have scholarships available for those who need financial help.*      *[requires financial information to be turned in and 10 hours of volunteer time].

Q.   Do returning players get a new uniform kit?

A.   Returning players have the option of wearing their kit from last year, or purchase a new kit.

New players must purchase a new kit [1 green & 1 white jersey, 2 pr. Shorts, and 2 pr. of socks].

Q.   What are the registration fees to play for the VAYSA – CDP Program?The CDP Program fee for the 2017-18 season year is:

A.    U8 – $425.00 – using last year’s kit  –or-  $525.00 – purchasing a new kit [Payment plans available]

U9 – $425.00 – using last year’s kit  -or-  $525.00 – purchasing a new kit [Payment plans available]

U10 – $425.00 – using last year’s kit  -or-  $525.00 – purchasing a new kit [Payment plans available]

A limited number of Scholarships are available.*

*If you receive scholarship dollars you will be required to volunteer 10 hours.

Q.   Is it possible for parents to order and pay for an additional uniform pieces?

A.   No only full uniform kits are available for $100 and must be ordered during the registration process, no additional kit orders will be placed. The kit includes home and away jerseys, 2 pair of shorts and 2 pairs of socks.. Our uniforms are custom and take 6 weeks to produce. Continued….

*****Additional Items must be purchased at time of registration [no additional orders will be placed]:

Shorts, Socks, Additional Training Shirts, and VAYSA Club apparel will be available at registration try on.

OTHER items for sale: Backpack $35.00, Hoodie $35.00, ¼ Zip Pullovers – TBD, Hat $25.00, Parents Shirts TBD.

      Order VAYSA Gear for the whole family!

Q.   How do I register?

  1. After the Skill Assessment, you have 48 hours to register. Go online to


Select the 2017-18 VAYSA COMP/CDP REGISTRATION and register online. The whole registration is done here including player information, uniform kit size selection, extra orders and             payment.

Q.   What other expenses could I have to pay?

A.   If the CDP Director chooses to play in some tournaments, there could be some registration fees, hotel and meals if you choose to stay. There is no obligation to play.

Q.   When does the season start and end?

A.   CDP training will not start until September and there will be 6-8 weeks of training and games will start around November 1st and end in February.

Q.   Does VAYSA have any summer programs?

A.   Yes, We will have an 8 week training session that will start on June 13th and the cost is $150.00. CDP training is designed to teach the players fundamental skills, positional training, speed       and agility, etc. This will help the players get ready for CDP, You will register online for this also [COMING SOON]

Q.   How often do they practice and what day and times will practices be held?

A.   CDP practices are limited to two [2] practices per week and 1 ½ hours per practice. Practice nights are yet to be determined?

Q:   How far will I have to travel to for the games?

A.   Travel will be from Tampa to Fort Myers.

Q.   What does VAYSA expect from the parents?

A.   Parents are expected to meet their financial obligation. VAYSA expects exemplary behavior from the parents and players during practice and games. You will be expected to read through       the player/parent contract online with your child and initial each area, it is important for the parents and their child to understand that there are high expectation for being a good                   teammate and good behavior.

Q.   How do I Volunteer at VAYSA?

A.    VAYSA currently supports approximately 900 players in the Sarasota County area, spread across 80 recreational and 13 competitive teams. VAYSA is governed by a volunteer Board of            Directors, and solely supported by volunteer efforts. VAYSA depends on the help of volunteers for vision, planning scheduling, fundraising, marketing, communications and much more.            Your help is needed to improve and grow the soccer program at VAYSA.














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